“Answering the Hard Questions” with Tow’rs Music

A couple months ago while in Italy, a dear friend of mine introduced me to the band Tow’rs. I’m a big advocate of new music, so I was excited to check them out. A few songs in and I was hooked. I’ll admit, I listened on replay for about a month (and I’m still not sick of them). But who can blame me? They’re phenomenal. Their lyrics are deep, poetic and intentional. Every song is moving, causing me to dissect and think deeper. Their sounds are melodious and like honey to the ears—with a sweet blend of folk, post-rock, and a southwest feel.

After my Italian Tow’rs binge, I decided I wanted to write a post about them. I checked their website and was drawn even closer as they shared their desire to sing about the human narrative and answer hard questions about life, pain, love and grace.

Well, I’m so excited to say that I got the incredible opportunity to interview them. I took full advantage and asked Tow’rs members Kyle and Gretta to get personal. Just like their songs—we got deep as we talked about suffering, pain, redemption, identity and healing.

I hope this interview moves you as much as it moved me (don’t mind my amateur editing skills). And like I learned during my conversation with Tow’rs: don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions.

Deep stuff, Tow’rs, deep stuff.

Thank you for that.

Check them out at www.towrsmusic.com

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