The Day Pride Robbed Me

Insecurities have a way of sucking the life out of me. Like, really. I’ve never usually been one to struggle with insecurities…but every once in a while, they creep in like a tiny pebble—you know, the ones that painfully make their way into your sneakers. They look insignificant, but once they wedge themselves in, they […]


Dry bones clothed in flesh Come alive through His breath A prison while on earth Future freedom and rebirth Nature and spirit intertwined Constant battle soon left behind Learning to train that which expires Resurrected anew one day will acquire Now frail and broken, vile, perishable Soon remade, rejoicing, impeccable Divine Incarnation, the ultimate gesture […]

Marriage? But, Why?

I don’t know why I’ve sat down to write my second post about marriage. I would assume that I have this reserved fear/awe of it that causes me to dabble closely to the thought, while still remaining far enough to speak of it as a distant Cuban cousin (and by “Cuban cousin” I really just […]

The Beauty in Mystery

When was the last time you stared at something beautiful? And by beauty, I don’t mean the subjective, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” kind of beauty, but the utterly take-your-breath-away kind of beauty. Like a sunrise over the ocean’s horizon, or a bird’s eye view of a mountain valley. A majestic waterfall. […]

Life’s Battlefield

And so, it happened. I kinda had my first “moment.” You know, that moment when the weight of everything finally catches up to you, and you realize you’ve been bearing a pretty heavy load—your back is achy and you just need to set it down and rest. I’ve never been a big fan of the […]

From Heart-Break to Grad-School: My Testimony of Proverbial Whales and Open Doors

Within the past eight weeks I’ve gone through a break-up, the death of my childhood pet, and moving my entire life to a new city. Phew. I’m exhausted just by writing that. So, let’s begin with the first major life event: a break-up. Ouch. Yes, to clear things up…it happened without my wanting it. In […]

When LSD Meets Jesus

I am currently in Duffield, VA, lying on an inflatable mattress, in a room filled with new friends. It’s summertime, and every summer I lead mission trips for Adventures in Missions. It’s a time of scratching the travel itch while simultaneously making new friends from all over the world. Meeting new people is my jam—I […]

When BAD is actually GOOD

I’ve been visiting a new church lately. ::GASP:: Sorry you had to find out this way. Anyways, this past Sunday the tiny congregation had an untraditional time of worship. Instead of having the pastor preach his message (from the last chapter of John, which he’s been preaching exegetically for the past four, FOUR years), they […]

When Life Feels “Bleh”

The past couple of weeks my motivation has been lacking. I haven’t felt the drive to do, really, anything. I’ve been just bleh. For the past few months, life has felt like scaling a mountain—treacherous at times, leaving you unsure of what’s around the bend. Although its had its moments of being painfully difficult, there […]

Three Lessons I Learned at 25

Hello! It’s been a whole almost-two-weeks since I’ve written. I’ll be honest, I’ve been busy. (I know, that’s always my excuse) BUT since I celebrated my 26th birthday last week, that excuse works 🙂 And since I celebrated yet another year of life, I guess I will ramble about what the past 365 days have […]

Joy vs. Happiness. What’s the Difference?

We can all agree that, at some level, we all seek to be happy. Right? I mean, c’mon, it is the mantra of our age. The world tells us that humans ultimately exist to, what? BE HAPPY. Myriads of songs and books have been written about how to find or pursue happiness. We can eat […]

Has Society Gone Too Far? Interview with Iris Apfel

The other day, I had the opportunity of interviewing fashion icon, Iris Apfel at the Miami Dade College International Film Festival on behalf of Disfunkshion Magazine. In case you don’t know who Iris is, she’s pretty stinkin’ fabulous. (Don’t worry, I hadn’t heard of her before, either). Iris has been around for nine decades. Yes, NINE. She’s […]

Have You Lost Your Purpose?

I haven’t written in a while. Not because of “writers block”—whatever that is, or because I’ve been busy traveling the globe, slaying dragons and ending world hunger. Truthfully, I haven’t written because, well, life’s been getting in the way. And not in the aforementioned adventurous type of way, but in the every day—pressures, doubts, insecurities and […]

The Little Yellow Tree

Have you ever noticed that Little Yellow Tree? Let me explain: I’m from Miami, Florida. Which ultimately means (besides a ton of other things) that I don’t get to experience the change of seasons. It’s pretty much always…summer. I see friends from all over the world post adorable season-inspired pictures—you know, in snow bunny apparel […]