My Biggest Travel Packing Secret!

I love backpacking. In fact, I backpacked through Peru twice last year (yes, because once wasn't enough). So consequently, I get a ton of questions asking about tips for packing, and with reason...over packing or simply packing wrongly can really put a strain on your trip. And trust me, trips can be … [Read more...]

When You Think You Know, But Have No Idea

Have you ever thought you had it all figured out? Ever pursued something that seemed like it was the “right choice” but soon realized it wasn’t at all what you thought? Ever went for it, and then realized you were all wrong all along? Welp, Rachel did. She went for something big…only to find out … [Read more...]

The Best Date You’ll Ever Go On

So, I wrote a dating piece. Only, I don't think it's your typical dating piece. As most of you know, I recently traveled the world. Well, six different countries in eight months, to be exact (which can feel like the. entire. world. Trust me.) My journey began after six years of slaving miserably … [Read more...]

The Unglamorousness of Travel

I’ve been traveling pretty regularly for the past 2 years. What started off as a trip every few weeks, turned into quitting my job and taking off for 8 months straight. I constantly get messages from friends asking me how I travel so much, to which I reply, “because God is so stinkin’ good,” (and … [Read more...]

Celebrating Haiti

I’ve had the incredible privilege of visiting Haiti twice in the past two years. My first visit to Haiti was similar to most other well-intentioned, short-term missionaries—overwhelming, to say the least. The drive out of the airport through Port-Au-Prince is one that I’m sure is embedded into most … [Read more...]

Mastering the Art of Lost-ness

I always surprise myself when I travel to a new country, specifically because I am forced to do things I didn’t even really think I was capable of (i.e. asking if the next train to Venice was downstairs at station 10, departing at 9:20—in pretty much all Italian with occasional hand signals—Right? I … [Read more...]

Sweet Home Birmingham, Alabama.

A one day guide to Birmingham, Alabama I had the privilege of passing through “The Ham” while on my drive to Chicago. I must say, it was a perfect mid-way treat. Alabama was quiet and quaint—even the atmosphere downtown was one of solace. Exactly what you would need after driving 12 hours and … [Read more...]