So What’s All the Love Hype About, Anyways?

So here’s a post about love on Valentine’s Day. I’ve only been married six months, so this post isn’t what you think. I got the inspiration to write this from a short excerpt I heard on NPR yesterday. Man, how I wish I remembered her name (and if you happened to have heard it and […]

Denying Yourself in a Binge-Obsessed Culture?

Taylor and I enjoyed a short getaway to Destin, FL, this past weekend. It was perfect. Sure, the Destin/Fort Walton Beach area is perfect (sand-dunes, Irish pubs, great pizza, white beaches…HELLO)…but what made our weekend perfect was the fact that we had four hours of road trip to have a long, hard talk about life. […]

Oh, Glorious Freedom

Today is America’s birthday. A glorious day in which we meditate on history and its leading towards what makes this country what it is—freedom. Have you ever thought about how much there is to learn from history? Not only does history repeat itself, but we can learn a lot about human behavior by looking back […]

When LSD Meets Jesus

I am currently in Duffield, VA, lying on an inflatable mattress, in a room filled with new friends. It’s summertime, and every summer I lead mission trips for Adventures in Missions. It’s a time of scratching the travel itch while simultaneously making new friends from all over the world. Meeting new people is my jam—I […]

Has Society Gone Too Far? Interview with Iris Apfel

The other day, I had the opportunity of interviewing fashion icon, Iris Apfel at the Miami Dade College International Film Festival on behalf of Disfunkshion Magazine. In case you don’t know who Iris is, she’s pretty stinkin’ fabulous. (Don’t worry, I hadn’t heard of her before, either). Iris has been around for nine decades. Yes, NINE. She’s […]

Have You Lost Your Purpose?

I haven’t written in a while. Not because of “writers block”—whatever that is, or because I’ve been busy traveling the globe, slaying dragons and ending world hunger. Truthfully, I haven’t written because, well, life’s been getting in the way. And not in the aforementioned adventurous type of way, but in the every day—pressures, doubts, insecurities and […]

To The Rebel In Each Of Us

Let’s talk about faith. I know what you’re thinking, “don’t we always talk about faith?” Well, sort of. But, I want to talk about actually having it. You know, trusting in the unseen. I’ve always been inclined to believe that having faith is quite difficult. Trusting in something you don’t see ain’t always easy. A few […]