So What’s All the Love Hype About, Anyways?

So here’s a post about love on Valentine’s Day. I’ve only been married six months, so this post isn’t what you think. I got the inspiration to write this from a short excerpt I heard on NPR yesterday. Man, how I wish I remembered her name (and if you happened to have heard it and […]

Three Lessons I Learned at 25

Hello! It’s been a whole almost-two-weeks since I’ve written. I’ll be honest, I’ve been busy. (I know, that’s always my excuse) BUT since I celebrated my 26th birthday last week, that excuse works 🙂 And since I celebrated yet another year of life, I guess I will ramble about what the past 365 days have […]

College Is A Good Time To Never Be Alone

I had fun in college. I did. I went to parties, joined an organization, did well in classes, and was never ever alone. I always had friends around. Even when I first enrolled, I had lifelong buddies who were already paving the way for me at school. They introduced me to their friends and their […]

“Answering the Hard Questions” with Tow’rs Music

A couple months ago while in Italy, a dear friend of mine introduced me to the band Tow’rs. I’m a big advocate of new music, so I was excited to check them out. A few songs in and I was hooked. I’ll admit, I listened on replay for about a month (and I’m still not […]

What Makes You Creative?

I’ve never thought of myself to be much of a creative. I don’t do photography, I don’t do art, and I don’t play an instrument. I would laugh at my own pitiful attempt to decorate my agenda in high school, while all the “cutsie” girls perfected their bubble letters with added glitter and 3-D stickers. […]