So What’s All the Love Hype About, Anyways?

So here’s a post about love on Valentine’s Day. I’ve only been married six months, so this post isn’t what you think. I got the inspiration to write this from a short excerpt I heard on NPR yesterday. Man, how I wish I remembered her name (and if you happened to have heard it and […]

Have We Lost Our Thrill?

Today marks exactly three months since I packed all my necessities (and some extras) into my Kia Optima and headed to Louisiana to begin a new life (stopping for a night in Gator Country on the way, of course). I remember lying in bed the night before my newfangled adventure tossing and turning with nerves […]

College Is A Good Time To Never Be Alone

I had fun in college. I did. I went to parties, joined an organization, did well in classes, and was never ever alone. I always had friends around. Even when I first enrolled, I had lifelong buddies who were already paving the way for me at school. They introduced me to their friends and their […]