I’ve never thought of myself to be much of a creative. I don’t do photography, I don’t do art, and I don’t play an instrument. I would laugh at my own pitiful attempt to decorate my agenda in high school, while all the “cutsie” girls perfected their bubble letters with added glitter and 3-D stickers. I never got it. Although I’ve never explored any of these forms of creativity, I’ve always been a heavy thinker and an avid dreamer. My whimsical-ness led me to study different religions, go to meditation classes, read books like “The Secret” and “Law of Attraction”, and spend hours contemplating the meaning of life and the purpose of my existence—none as light and fun as scrap-booking on Saturday afternoons or designing my own outfit.

My life has been one long and winding journey of trying to understand what everyone is in search of. The journey can be exhausting…and although I’ve found all the answers I’ve always sought for in Jesus, there are still days I wake up with more questions than answers. I’ve always wanted to soak in every bit of this life, and because of this, I’ve never stopped asking the hard questions. I keep probing, keep seeking how much deeper I can go. I explore, I travel, I learn and ultimately, I write. I’ve always found my outlet through my writing, whether it be in the five different journals I’ve filled up in two years, or the hundreds of (unpublished) Word documents stored in my computer.


As God has been directing my steps towards writing during the past few months, I’ve been able to see the closet creativity inside of me that’s been too bashful and too insecure to come out. But the more I write, the deeper I think. Every turn of a corner, every encounter with a stranger flows through a “potential writing piece” filter in my mind.

As I ponder this idea of “creativity”, I contemplate what it actually entails. And then I’m reminded: to be a creative, you have to actually…create, right? When you create, you put a part of yourself into whatever it is you're creating. It’s your creation, made by you…with your personal touch…that’s unlike anyone else’s.

The thought that God created me in His image sends chills down my spine. Knowing that the most creative Being in the universe (and the Author of creativity) put a part of Himself in me, gives me the freedom to find confidence in my personal form of creativity…whatever that may look like.

Creativity is self-expressive. It has no boundaries, no limits, no barriers and no borders. It can look like anything and sound like whatever you want it to sound. But most of all, creativity is an outlet—a form of self-discovery and a means for healing.

I challenge you to think about what makes you creative.

Have you created lately? What has a part of you in its DNA?

What’s your outlet? How do you find yourself lost in your own process of discovery and healing?

Would love to hear your thoughts! Comment below