About Kat

Hi! I’m happy you’ve joined me!

I am a Miami-born, Los-Angeles residing, theology aficionado. During my quarter-life crisis in mid-2014, I decided to quit my job and pursue the ever-increasing travel itch. I had been working as a Behavior Therapist and Special Needs Teacher for 6 years, and although I loved it, I couldn’t shake my desire to take off and experience life. So in May 2014, I embarked in my (unbeknownst to me at the time) year-long adventure of traveling the world. After visiting my 3rd country, this blog came to life.

I returned home after falling more deeply in love with people and their cultures…God…life. I wrestled with the idea of seminary for a bit (I’ll admit I was naive. But hey, I didn’t grow up in the church so my excuse is that I was ignorant!), finally gave in, packed my world into my car and set out for New Orleans (to a fundamentalist seminary, no less). A week into it, I met Taylor, my husband, and a year later we were married.

It’s all been so whirlwind-ish, ya know?

After a year of marriage, Taylor and I started a coffee roasting company (show us some love at and decided to pack our life (yet again) into my car and head West to California (after some more traveling through Europe and the American West) to finish my degree. My fiery and opinionated Cuban-woman-theologian-self barely survived White Evangelical Fundamentalism. We left burned, but still hopeful.

I am currently finishing a Master of Divinity and a Master of Theology at Fuller Seminary, with a focus on  New Testament, gender and Latinx studies.

Beside lots of reading and lots of writing, I enjoy my kittens, vegan foods, memoirs, Jane the Virgin, and California road trips.

Find me on Twitter @kat_armas!